Anonymous asked:

Do you have Jaime x Brienne fic/comic/blog recs? :o

chickren answered:

Dude, this somehow turned into:


JB art...

I’m your girl. Honestly, not even self-promo, I’m just a fanart fiend. Check my “art” or “lovely arts” tags and you’ll find nearly every piece of JB fanart that’s crossed my dash in the last couple years. We have amazing fanart, seriously.

Some currently active fanartists are: jokertookmypicture, ladyoftarth-posts, clothospindle, ladybrienne

JB blogs...

We have some fandom blogs, but none of them really keep up-to-the-minute with fandom anymore, they’re more like digests now.

So, for fresher JB content, I’d recommend:

^ I’m sure I forgot some people (sorry, I owe you chocolate), and there are some newer active fans who should probably be on this list, but I’m slow to start remembering names. Also, I tried to only include currently active people.

JB fics...

This is FAR (F-A-R) from an exhaustive list, and I’m sure people will be upset their stuff isn’t here, sorry, I have the memory of a fruit fly, and I’m also like six months behind on reading fic. So I’m just putting URLs, no names or titles—and just one work or series from each author, but if you like something, check out the author’s other work. I’m just gonna rec finished stuff, because…the fandom’s big enough we finally have that option, and I hate to make you weep with WiPs? (In no particular order.)